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to raise up prophetic voices from every culture of the world to go to every sector of society. This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to hear God's voice and how He speaks. The first course will cover your prophetic identity. We believe it will change the course of your destiny forever.

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“We are raising up prophetic voices from every culture to go to every sector of society.”

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The foundation for life and prophetic ministry is communication with God. Find out what God’s voice sounded like from the beginning as we study God’s original plan for communication with man. Learn how to see what God sees so that you can say what God says.

Module 1

Module 1 is a weekly training program that walks you step by step into the prophetic. Through videos and downloadable media, module 1 creates an easy to follow path. Module 1 is a 6 week foundational course and upon completion you will be given the option to go on to Module 2: Prophetic People. There will be 2 videos each week, along with outside reading and exercises.

“We are raising up prophetic voices from every culture to go to every sector of society.” – Bob Hazlett

Module 1: Prophetic Identity

Week 1: Deep Calls to Deep
Week 2: God’s Voice Turns Emptiness Into Resources
Week 3: Living From the Inside Out
Week 4: God’s Voice Separates
Week 5: God’s Stamp
Week 6: God’s Breath

Personal Testimonies

“I truly enjoyed the Future Coaching Class. I felt that I gained great insights and skills necessary to hear God speak to me.”
– Janice Rockwell Maravillas
“I went form short words to flowing in words!”
– Howard Miller
“I loved Future Coaching because it explained to me why I perceive and think like I do. Without understanding, seeing into the unseen “by default” was a burden at best, scary at worst. Now it has become life and light! These teachings opened a new world for me. They were easy to understand, profound and funny at the same time, and always encouraging. The greatest encouragement has been that growing in the prophetic has less to do with what to do or how to do it, but getting deeper and deeper acquainted with God. That being said, the practical exercises that were included in the teachings were one of my favorite parts: fun as well as challenging, and worth repeating any time!”
– Sabrina


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